2PM Chansung To Enlist In The Military Today

He already gave a farewell message to fans.

2PM‘s Chansung is set to enlist in the military today (June 11).

Chansung will continue his military service as a member of active duty following 5 weeks of basic military training.


JYP Entertainment previously announced that the time and location for all events will remain private and that fellow 2PM members Taecyeon and Nichkhun will see him off.

We respect his desires to enlist in the military quietly, so we will not disclose the time or location of his enlistment.

ㅡ JYP Entertainment


Chansung is that last 2PM member to enlist in the military with Taecyeon having been discharged on May 16th and Jun.K and Wooyoung currently serving in the military. Junho began his basic military service on May 30th and will be beginning his mandatory service as a public service worker.


On June 1, Chansung met his fans to say goodbye through his fan meeting, TMC: Too Much Chanformation. During the event, he thanked his fans for making him the person he has become and stated his hopes of promoting with 2PM again very soon.

It was all of you who made me into a person who can shine. I will continue to be thankful. And meeting the 2PM members has been the greatest blessing of my life. Having met all of you is my greatest happiness. I want to quickly begin promoting with all members of 2PM again. Everyone, please don’t be sad and I hope you can smile.

ㅡ Chansung


Chansung will be discharged on January 5, 2021. Until then, be safe Chansung!

Source: Sports Today