Charlie Puth responded to Jungkook’s cover of “We Don’t Talk Anymore”

Jungkook has received attention from the American artist after posting a his full length cover on Twitter.

On January 6, Jungkook uploaded a snippet of his cover of Charlie Puth (ft.Selena Gomez)’s “We Don’t Talk Anymore” onto BTS’s official Twitter account.

Jungkook’s teaser and the original song went viral in Korea right after the post was uploaded. Deeply enchanted by Jungkook’s vocals, fans had hoped for and anticipated a full version of his cover.

On February 27, Jungkook made their wishes come true when he uploaded a full version of his cover. In less than 13 hours, his cover has already reached over 1 million views on YouTube!

Check out his amazing rendition of “We Don’t Talk Anymore” below!

The vocals were arranged by Jungkook, himself and the song was mixed and mastered by Pdogg.

After it’s release, fans took to Twitter and told Charlie Puth about Jungkook’s cover of his song. A.R.M.Y.s’ efforts were proved to be a success when Charlie Puth liked BTS’s tweet that included the link to the cover and quoted the tweet with the words, “Love this Jungcook.”

Although Jungkook’s name was misspelled in the tweet, it’s the thought that counts. Thanks to fans, Jungkook was acknowledged and given a shout-out by the original artist of the song he likes very much.

This marks yet another moment where BTS’s fans have helped make them internationally recognized.