Charlie Puth Wants to Meet BTS to Apologize Directly to Jungkook

Singer Charlie Puth has recently expressed his wishes to meet BTS and also to apologize in person for mis-spelling Jungkook‘s name.

Charlie Puth took part in a phone interview with Filipino music channel MYX Philippines where he was asked about how outspoken he has been in showing his love for BTS and especially Jungkook.

“I like BTS, I like Jungkook too. I just like them, I think they are a fantastic band and I want to meet them in person one day. And apologise to Jungkook for mispronouncing his name.”

— Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth was referring to a tweet he had posted earlier this year, in response to Jungkook’s tweet about his cover of  “We Don’t Talk Anymore”.

Check out the video of the phone interview below!

Source: MYX Philippines