Charlie Puth’s New Music Video Proves K-Drama’s Favorite Makeup Brand “KAHI” Can’t Be Stopped

Fans are wondering where it will appear next!

Korean makeup brand KAHI, known for its multi-balm cosmetics and knack for product placement advertising, has appeared in a Charlie Puth music video.

Kim Go Eun for KAHI | KAHI

Charlie Puth is an American singer-songwriter who is known for his 2016 hit “We Don’t Talk Anymore” and his 2022 collaboration with BTS‘s Jungkook on “Left And Right.”

The singer unveiled his new music video for “Loser” on October 7, and much to the surprise of K-Pop and K-Drama fans, a familiar product was featured in the video.

Charlie Puth | Charlie Puth/YouTube

In the music video, Charlie Puth is seen in a dramatic stand-off with himself when the singer pulls out KAHI’s multi-balm. The singer then applies the balm before re-engaging in the stand-off.

K-Drama fans and those familiar with KAHI’s ultra-ambitious marketing tactics were floored. Netizens couldn’t help but be amazed at the makeup brand’s persistence in being featured everywhere.

Netizens took turns predicting where KAHI might be featured next.

  • “That’s hilarious. Where is KAHI going next?”
  • “I feel like UFOs are going to land while applying KAHI.”
  • “I’m really anticipating where they are going to show up next, LOL.”
  • “LOL, they should make a KAHI-verse!”
  • “I’m curious to see what they are going to do next, LOL.”
  • “Imagine if they come out of a Marvel movie.”
  • “??? LOL. Crazy, LOL.”
  • “How much money does KAHI make? LOL.”

KAHI went viral earlier this year when it was revealed that they were the only company to sponsor the hit K-Drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo. According to the drama, the show had trouble securing sponsors due to its main character being autistic.

Ha Yoon Kyung using KAHI’s multi-balm in the drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo | ENA

Check out Charlie Puth’s new music video “Loser” in the link below!

Source: Theqoo and Charlie Puth/Youtube
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