Chart Topping Soloist Ben Confirmed To Be Dating This Handsome Chairman

Congratulations to the couple!

Soloist Ben, who has topped charts with her songs “180 Degree”, “Love, ing”, and “Thank You For Goodbye” has been confirmed to be dating W Foundation founder and chairman Lee Wook.

It was reported that the two had only recently started dating, as they had only been meeting for 3 months. They had met at a gathering with other friends.

Her agency, Major 9, confirmed the news.

She has recently started dating Lee Wook, they are meeting well.

— Major 9

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Lee Wook also personally commented on his dating news.

Recently, I started dating Ben. We are meeting well, please watch over us well too.

I was actually a fan of hers before we started dating. After meeting her, I fell for her more human and personable side. When she is next to me, I realize just how wonderful of a person she is.

— Lee Wook

Source: Newsen
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