Chase Atlantic Teases A Future Collab After Fellow Aussie Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Plays Their Music On “Chan’s Room”

We can’t wait for a collab between these two!

Stray KidsBang Chan shared some Aussie love on his latest episode of Chan’s Room!

During episode 114 of Chan’s Room, Bang Chan’s weekly live broadcast in which he plays song recommendations, he shared some support and love for fellow Aussies, Chase Atlantic, an Australian alternative R&B band and production trio. He introduced their song “Slow Down” by saying that it was “a really good song” and “I heard they’re Australian too, which means I have to play it because fellow Australians are our mates…”

Bang Chan | Stray Kids/VLIVE

After playing the song, he confirmed the title and artist for viewers. He gave another shoutout to the fellow Aussies, recommending that all STAYs listen to their music as well.

It was actually pretty recent that I got to know the band which is a little… I find disappointing in myself because I should’ve known them better because they’re an Australian band. …So, I got to know them and I listened to most of their music and I actually really, really like the vibes that they go with, so I wanted to recommend a few songs…

— Bang Chan

| Stray Kids/VLIVE

This was a long-awaited moment for STAYs, as many have been hoping that Bang Chan would play Chase Atlantic’s music and react to the group. Finally, a dream became a reality.

Of course, after the live broadcast ended, STAYs took to Twitter to let Chase Atlantic know about the event. After seeing their tags, some of the members tweeted their response! Christian Anthony was the first to tweet, sending love right back at Bang Chan and inviting him to collaborate. Shortly after, Mitchel Cave responded by retweeting Christian’s tweet, agreeing, saying, “lesss do it.”

This interaction has everyone happy, from likely Bang Chan and Chase Atlantic themselves to fans of both groups.

  • dude… this is insane 🤧🤧  Chase Atlantic x Bangchan we need~”
  • i’ll never stop talking about this bang chan listening to chase atlantic. like omg he knows this song aaaaaaaa”
  • “i love how chase atlantic is trending bs of Bang Chan😭”
  • “Chase Atlantic and Bang Chan? Hell yeah! Aussies unite! Add Felix as well!”

Can we please make this collab a reality?!

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