Korean Cheerleaders Diss Each Other On Social Media, And It’s Messier Than You’d Think

The LG Twins have yet to comment.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

One of the biggest differences between America’s Major League Baseball teams and the Korean Baseball Organization teams, besides the obvious difference in skill level and awesome bat-flips, are cheerleaders.

Korean baseball teams employ cheerleaders and a full cheer squad that lead  fan chants to cheer on their teams. Cheerleaders are akin to celebrities among fans with their own fandoms. Recently, two cheerleaders clashed on social media for all to see.

On September 2, it was reported that cheerleaders on the LG Twins baseball team dissed each other on social media.

According to reports, LG Twins cheerleader Jung Dahye uploaded an Instagram story where she takes a jab at someone.

A meme of Son Dambi uploaded by Jung Dahye | @dahye___j/Instagram

LOL, I avoid $hit because it’s dirty. You better stop attacking me, LOL. Should I do the same to you? ^^

— Jung Dahye

Not long after, fellow LG Twins cheerleader Cha Young Hyun uploaded a post seemingly responding to Jung Dahye’s previous story.

Say it to my face rather than on Instagram. Stop talking about me behind my back. That dirty $hit is you, LOL. Didn’t you know? We are the ones who stay calm, and the one who runs her mouth is you. Please act your age.

— Cha Young Hyun

Cha Young Hyun followed up with another post seemingly directed at Jung Dahye.

Is there a dog barking somewhere?

— Cha Young Hyun

Jung Dahye is 31 years old and has been a cheerleader for the LG Twins since 2015. She was previously the team captain.

Jung Dahye | @dahye___j/Instagram

Cha Young Hyun is 30 years old and has been a cheerleader for the LG Twins since 2018. She is the current team captain.

Cha Young Hyun | @chacha721/Instagram

The LG Twins have not commented on the issue.

Source: Topstar News