Cheetah Reveals She Was Hit By A Bus When She Was 17, Fell Into Coma

She overcame a lot.

Rapper Cheetah appeared on a recent episode of Everyone’s Kitchen and shared the story of her life-threatening bus accident when she was a teenager.

Cheeta explained that she was hit by a bus when she was 17 years old. And while they immediately performed surgery without operating on her brain, she said that her parents were left with the decision of having Cheetah undergo a 2nd brain surgery or coma therapy.

In 2007 when I was 17 years old, I was hit by a bus. I underwent surgery. While my parents were on the flight over, they consented to the 1st surgery so (the doctors) conducted the surgery without operating on my brain and closed it up. When my parents arrived, they had to made a decision on whether to do a 2nd brain surgery or coma therapy.

ㅡ Cheetah


She explained that if she went with the coma therapy, her chances of survival would be small but if she went with brain surgery, she may end up with a disability.

If I did coma therapy, it would reduce the shock and allow the other organs to rest but chances of survival were low. Brain surgery had a higher chance of survival but could result in disability. They only had 5 minutes to decide and my father told my mother at the time, ‘If something goes wrong with Eunyoung (Cheetah) let’s go with her.’

ㅡ Cheetah


In the end, Cheetah’s parents had chosen coma therapy. Actress Lee Chung Ah stated that Cheetah’s parents probably thought of Cheetah’s position when making the decision and MC Kang Ho Dong added that the experience may be part of the reason Cheetah looks fierce but is actually sensitive.

It was a short time but Cheetah’s parents probably though of her position.

ㅡ Lee Chung Ah

I think that’s why Cheetah looks strong but is actually sensitive.

ㅡ Kang Ho Dong

Source: Newsen
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