Chen Reveals The Details Of EXO’s Contract And Renewal Plans

Here’s what EXO has in store.

Chen appeared on Radio Star where he opened up about EXO‘s current contract with SM Entertainment.


EXO has been with SM Entertainment since their debut 7 years ago. Rumors claimed they signed a 10-year contract at the time of their debut.


SM Entertainment confirmed that EXO has a longer contract than the usual 7 years when they shut down rumors that D.O. was contemplating on leaving after his contract expired. SM claimed EXO still had a lot of time left on their contract despite 2019 being their 7th anniversary.

“There is a lot of time left before EXO’s contracts expire.”

— SM Entertainment (March 2019)


Chen revealed that all of the members have the same contractual agreement that ends on the same day. He confirmed that they have a 10-year agreement by revealing that there are about 3 years left in their contracts.

“It’s all the same. There’s actually quite a bit of time left in our contracts. About 3 years.”

— Chen


As Xiumin has already announced that he’ll be enlisting in the military on May 7, fans wonder what EXO has in store as a complete group before they start enlisting one by one.


Chen put fans’ worries to rest by explaining that he’s not worried about their contract and possible renewal. He’s going to enjoy the moment that he’s in and continue focusing on what he loves.

“We still have time left, so I want to spend that time happily doing what I want to do. I don’t have any stress over our contract.”

— Chen


However, being a CEO and artist himself, Yoon Jong Shin advised Chen to start thinking about the contract expiration and possible renewal as soon as possible.

“You have to start thinking about it now. You can’t start thinking about it when the year comes.”

— Yoon Jong Shin


No matter what’s in store for EXO’s future with SM Entertainment, EXO-Ls will undoubtedly be supportive of the members’ future!