Former Cherry Bullet & Girls’ Alert Members To Debut In New Girl Group PIXY This Month

See their transformations and learn why their past contracts were terminated.

Several new K-Pop groups are set to hit the scene this month, but one has a particularly interesting lineup: two former members of Cherry Bullet and Girl’s Alert will be debuting in PIXY.

PIXY will be the first girl group to debut under ALLART Entertainment in conjunction with Happy Tribe Entertainment. The six-member act just began the teaser schedule for their first digital single, “Wings”—part of their Chapter 01. With My Wings single album.

| @official_pixy/Twitter

But one thing is particularly interesting about their lineup: two of the members have already debuted before in relatively well-known girl groups.

22-year-old Ella (real name Kim Kyung Joo) will be PIXY’s leader and main vocalist, but this isn’t the first time she’ll be taking on those positions. Back in January 2019, she debuted as the leader and main vocalist of Cherry Bullet under the stage name Mirae.

Mirae (Cherry Bullet) | FNC Entertainment

Known as the “happy virus” and loudest member of the group, Mirae was deemed a “reliable” leader by the rest of her group. Prior to debuting with Cherry Bullet, she’d already been with the group’s agency (FNC Entertainment) for three years as a trainee.

Mirae (Cherry Bullet) | FNC Entertainment

So, it came as a shock when FNC Entertainment announced that they had terminated Mirae’s exclusive contract for “personal reasons”. She officially left Cherry Bullet on December 13, 2019—less than a year after debuting.

Ella (PIXY) | @official_pixy/Twitter

Thankfully for fans, it looks like that wasn’t the end of Kim Kyung Joo’s journey given that she’ll be re-debuting this month as Ella. In the year that’s passed since her departure, she seems to have grown into a more mature appearance.

Ella (PIXY) | @official_pixy/Twitter

And she’s not the only PIXY member getting a second chance—meet 19-year-old Saetbyeol, formerly a member of Girls’ Alert.

Saetbyeol (Girls’ Alert) | Roots Entertainment

Saetbyeol (real name Jeon Yoo Jin) has been in the industry even longer than Ella, debuting with Girls’ Alert in May 2017. She was the group’s lead vocalist, known for her boyish charm and cute, round face. Saetbyeol also participated in MIXNINE, ranking no.161 overall.

Saetbyeol (Girls’ Alert) | Roots Entertainment

Sadly, Girls’ Alert was one of the many groups that suffered financially as a result of COVID-19. After the pandemic delayed their album, agency Roots Entertainment gave the members the option to end their contracts and depart the company amicably. While three members stayed on, Saetbyeol made the decision to join ALLART Entertainment.

Saetbyeol (PIXY) | @official_pixy/Twitter

Interestingly, Saetbyeol seems to be showing off a very different image in PIXY. The androgynous vibes she was known for have been shed in favor of a pure, feminine look, likely in line with PIXY’s own concept.

Saetbyeol (PIXY) | @official_pixy/Twitter

The rest of PIXY’s lineup includes vocalist Lola,

Lola (PIXY) | @official_pixy/Twitter

lead vocalist and main dancer Dia

Dia (PIXY) | @official_pixy/Twitter

lead dancer Sua,

Sua (PIXY) | @official_pixy/Twitter

and maknae Dajeong, who was a member of kid group SUPA when she was 13 years old.

(PIXY) | @official_pixy/Twitter

PIXY will debut on Wednesday, February 24 with “Wings”, performing their first music show stage on the February 25 episode of M Countdown.