Cherry Bullet Releases Their Official Lightstick With A Unique Design

Its vey unique, and stays very true to the group name!

Cherry Bullet has released their official lightstick!

On February 6, FNC Entertainment announced the release of Cherry Bullet’s lightstick.

The lightstick is in the colors red and white, and is shaped like a gun, staying true to the group’s name with its reference to bullets!

Here are some of the details on the lightstick:

The lightstick is gaining lots of attention from fans for its very unique and fun design!


Cherry Bullet debuted in January 2019 with the single album Let’s Play Cherry Bullet, and title track “Q&A”. After the departures of members Lin, Kokoro and Mirae in December 2019, Cherry Bullet has been regrouped into a 7 member group.

They recently announced their comeback with digital single “Hands Up”, set to release on February 11.