The Four Chicago Locations That BTS’s Suga Left His Hotel Room To Check Out On His Day Off

Want to recreate his day off? Visit these four places!

BTS‘s Suga sold out three nights of shows at Chicago’s Allstate Arena on his SUGA | Agust D “D-DAY” world tour.

Promotional poster for BTS Suga’s solo world tour | BIGHIT MUSIC

While in the “Windy City,” Suga had time to spend sightseeing and trying the local cuisine, which he shared with ARMYs in his recent Chicago D-DAY tour vlog.

At the beginning of his vlog, Suga revealed that it almost didn’t exist because he was initially going to spend his day off in his hotel room.

Instead, he ventured out to a few famous restaurants and landmarks in Chicago. If you’re considering a trip to the popular Illinois city and want to recreate Suga’s day off, check out the places below!

1. Gordan Ramsay Burger

Suga’s first stop was Gordan Ramsay Burger, a restaurant of famed Michelin star chef Gordan Ramsay.

The BTS member ordered off of the Signature Menu and appeared to get the Hell’s Kitchen burger with fries and the R N R Brews German-style lager.

2. Stan’s Donuts & Coffee

His next stop was Stan’s Donuts & Coffee. Instead of getting one of the popular donuts, Suga opted for iced coffee since he was still full from lunch.

3. Millennium Park

Suga continued his day trip and visited Chicago’s lakefront Millennium Park next. While there, he intended to visit the popular art installation, The Bean, but it was unfortunately too crowded that day. Suga still had a great time and enjoyed the fresh air.

4. Willis Tower Skydeck

He concluded his documented day off at Chicago’s Willis Tower Skydeck, an observation deck on the Willis Tower’s 103rd floor with 360-degree city views. He was originally going to go at night but decided against it because it would be too late in the day when the sun finally set.

Suga was able to enjoy his time off and share his time with ARMYs! Check out his full vlog below: