Chief Executive of the Cabinet Office Stresses the Need for K-Pop Stars to Be Considered for Military Exemption

While Olympic medallists and prize-winning artists and musicians qualify for military exemption, K-Pop artists currently do not fall under the law.

Chief Executive Noh Hyung Wook announced that military exemption for K-Pop stars such as BTS should be re-evaluated based on the circumstances of the current times.


A parliamentary inspection of the State Affairs Committee recently took place where Chief Executive Noh Hyung Wook stressed the need for K-Pop to be considered as one of the arts, meaning they could qualify for military exemption.

We have no choice but to re-evaluate how military exemption should be applied to K-Pop stars. We have to re-examine if the arts should should only include traditional art, or if it should include K-Pop as well due to the circumstances of the current times.

– Chief Executive Noh Hyung Wook

Congressman Kim Byung Wook of the Democratic Party agreed with this statement and expressed why he believes a K-Pop group such as BTS should be reconsidered for military exemption.

Military exemption should change along with the times. BTS recently made it to 1st place on the Billboard Chart multiple times already, and according to reports, their contribution to the economy is around 5.3 trillion won.

– Congressman Kim Byung Wook

He went on to stress K-Pop’s effect on the world’s perception of Korea, and how the standards of military exemption should now apply to pop culture as well.

You must all acknowledge how K-Pop groups such as BTS elevate our national reputation. Before, Korea was known for Kimchi, Bulgogi, or the Saemaeul Movement to the people abroad, but now, K-Pop is the most influential industry.

– Congressman Kim Byung Wook

Congressman Kim Byung Wook explained that they have been receiving national petitions asking for the pop culture and K-Pop to now be considered an industry for which military exemption applies, and that there is a need to re-evaluate the matter in order to make Korea become a leading country of media content.

According to the current military service law, Olympic medallists, as well as prize-winning artists and musicians, qualify to receive special treatment when serving in the military.

For that reason, many have been expressing that it is unfair to limit the special treatment to only traditional artists and musicians, and how excluding K-Pop artists doesn’t suit the circumstances of the current times.


Source: News1