This Child Actor’s Mother Exposes Actor Kim Woo Bin’s True Personality

“Every time we met I was thankful because…”

Kim Woo Bin is famous for being a wonderful person. Previously he had gone viral for this gif of the actor bowing to a valet attendant.

Then there was the time actor Park Sun Ho revealed that Kim Woo Bin hid the fact Park Sun Ho injured him in a scene, so not to Park, who was just starting out as an actor.

Kim Woo Bin (top left) and Park Sun Ho (right) | MBC

I was touched by Kim Woo Bin’s actions when I was a rookie. We had just done an action scene, and after the scene, he told everyone, ‘Good job.‘ I then saw him ask his manager for some band-aids. It turns out that during the scene I had injured him. When his manager asked why he didn’t say anything before, Kim Woo Bin told his manager that he didn’t want to break my focus since I was just a rookie.

— Park Sun Ho

Now it seems the mother of child actor Choi Yuri, who starred in the new sci-fi flick Alienoid alongside Kim Woo Bin, has a story to add to the long collection of good deeds by the actor.

From Left: Kim Woo Bin, Lee Goeun, Choi Yuri | @choi_yuri.0212/Instagram

On July 22, the child actor’s mother uploaded an Instagram post showing a present that Kim Woo Bin had gifted Choi Yuri. Choi Yuri’s mother didn’t hold back any compliments toward the kind actor.

Uncle Woo Bin bought Yuri a big present. He asked Yuri what she wanted for her graduation present, to which she replied a pencil case… But he also bought her an iPhone along with a pencil case. Thank you, she will use it well. Thank you!

— Choi Yuri’s mother

The mother also revealed that during filming, due to the cold weather, Kim Woo Bin personally took the child actor shopping for a long padding jacket.

Every time we met I was thankful because you always brought presents for Yuri, and you again bought her a big present. Thank you…(He once told Yuri that she should stay warm, and he personally took her to buy her a long padding coat!)

— Choi Yuri’s mother

Kim Woo Bin is certainly a class act.

| @____kimwoobin/Instagram
| @____kimwoobin/Instagram

Fresh off his role in hit K-Drama Our Blues,  Kim Woo Bin is starring in the new sci-fi/fantasy film Alienoid, starring box-office champions, actor Kim Taeri, So Ji Sub, Ryu Jun Yeol, and Lee Hanee.

Poster for Alienoid | @____kimwoobin/Instagram

As one of the leading actors of his generation, Kim Woo Bin has won the hearts of fans all over the world. Fans are delighted to see the actor overcome his health bouts and would like nothing more than to see the actor healthy, doing what he loves to do most!

| @____kimwoobin/Instagram
Source: @choi_yuri.0212/Instagram