Child actor Jeon Min Woo revealed to have brain tumor with 6 months to live

A heartbreaking tragedy has occurred to the cute little star Jeon Min Woo and his family, as the child entertainment who gained online fame as “Little PSY,” was diagnosed with brain tumor.

Jeon Min Woo, also known as “Little PSY” of Yanbian, was recently known to have diagnosed with brain tumor disease. On November 7th’s episode of Curious Stories Y, Min Woo and his family appeared on the program to talk about their hope and longing for a miracle.

Previously, Min Woo appeared on various variety programs as “Little PSY,” after his impersonation for PSY‘s “Gangnam Style” surprised and entertained the global audience. However, despite his success, it was revealed that he was diagnosed with brain tumor, shocking the whole family. The child entertainer was diagnosed with brainstem gliola, a cancerous tumor in the brainsteam, commonly seen in children.

It was stated that Min Woo was given 6 months left to live and was already made aware of his condition.

It is such a shocking and depressing news to hear such an innocent child going through such hard times. Let us all hope and pray that the little star comes back to perform for us on stage, healthy and well.

Check out Min Woo’s previous performance below:

Source: Sports Chosun