“She Would Never Know” And “Mouse” Child Actress, Park So Yi, Joins YG Entertainment

Best of luck!

YG Entertainment is continuing to grow its group of actors and actresses with Park So Yi!

| XportsNews

We are happy to work with actress Park So Yi who has solid acting skills and exceptional potential. We plan on supporting her to the fullest so that she can present her abilities as an actress well.

—YG Entertainment

Park So Yi debuted in the 2018 series Mistress. From there, she continued to appear in several K-Dramas and movies. Some of the more well-known works she has been a part of are the shows: Her Private Life, My Country: The New Age, Do Do Sol Sol La La SolShe Would Never Know, and Mouse. For films, she has had the pleasure of starring in Deliver Us From Evil, Pawn, Hotel Lake, The Hill of Wind, and Spring, Again. The actress impressed fans with her performance as Yoo Min in Deliver Us From Evil to the point where she was nominated for Best New Actress in the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards.

| Han Cinema

Park So Yi also proved herself when she got the role of Seung Yi in the film Pawn, which was a role that over 300 children wanted. She has a pure and lovable personality and is currently preparing for her upcoming film Christmas Present [working title].

Source: XportsNews