Child Sex Offender Cho Doo Soon’s Face Has Been Revealed Now That He’s Being Let Out From Prison

[TRIGGER WARNING]: This article contains detailed information on Cho Doo Soon’s child rape case.

In December 2008, Cho Doo Soon kidnapped an 8-year-old girl named Nayoung while she was on her way too school.

Do Soon was intoxicated during the incident, and repeatedly raped and beat Nayoung at a public squat toilet. He raped her vaginally, anally, and through her ears. After, he tried to strangle her. He held her head underwater so that the child could lose consciousness.

He tried to get rid of his semen by pushing a pipe in her. He damaged her body so much that one of her intestines had come out of her body, which he tried to put back into her by shoving it up her anus. He then made her sit up so her organs wouldn’t fall out and proceeded to rape her again.

Nayoung had to undergo surgery for the damage. The investigation was done by incompetent investigators, who questioned Nayoung for hours and forced her to relive the trauma again. They also questioned her in front of other patients and forced her to sit in a chair, which was uncomfortable for her due to her injuries. They had to prolong the interview because they didn’t know how to use the equipment and they made the child testify in court.

The family sued them for mishandling the investigation, which they won. The rapist, however, only got 12 years in jail. They claim it is because he was mentally and physically weak due to the influence of alcohol.

Jo Doo Soon is expected to be released from prison on December 13, 2020. His face was revealed to the public because it is the law that the faces of people who commit these types of crimes must be made known to the people since it is their right and allows them to watch out for their safety.

People are hoping that the male will still be incarcerated, as he is seen as a threat to society. It is said that he did not feel any remorse for his actions against Nayoung, and it is incredibly dangerous to have someone like this roam free.