Chilean Police Break Up “K-Pop Rally” After Their President Blamed Riots On K-Pop

They analyzed the behavior of 5 million social accounts and came to the conclusion that K-Pop was at fault for riots.

On December 22, the Chilean Interior Ministry released a report on elements they felt encouraged citizens to protest against the government. According to Time24 News, “The study considered the behavior of social networks and found that K-pop is among those accusing of fomenting the protests.

The behavior of nearly 5 million social network accounts was monitored and analyzed between October 18 and November 21.

Source: @GonnetDigital/Twitter

Violent protests in Chile have led to the deaths of at least 11 people.

Media outlet RT shared a video of one of the protests, which was labeled as a “K-Pop rally” by the government, being broken up by police using water cannons and gas canisters.

Source: Time24 News and catraca livre