China Creates World’s Most Expensive SUV, Price Starts At $2,200,000

This car might look like a stealth fighter, but it’s going to attract attention!

Are you in the market for a custom-built SUV that can stop bullets, looks like a nightclub on the inside, and can go only 87 miles per hour? Well, the IAT-designed Karlmann King might fulfill all of your wishes!


Lately, China has been known for producing goods that cater to the ultra-wealthy, and International Automobile Technologies is living up to that reputation.


Named for the 6th century King Carloman I, IAT’s Karlmann King is possibly the most expensive SUV in the world. Prices start at $2,200,000, but that can easily double depending on preferences of the buyer.


The chassis and engine are based on the Ford F-550, but it’s hard to see a resemblance between the two vehicles.

The Ford F-550

The Karlmann King


While the current F-550 is made out of aluminum alloy, the base model Karlmann King’s exterior is comprised of carbon fiber and steel.


This base model Karlmann King weighs 4 tons, which partly accounts for its relatively low top speed of 87 miles per hour, in spite of a V10 engine that produces 400 horsepower.


However, if buyers want to ensure their safety, they add armor to the exterior, which adds two tons to the weight, and another $1.8 million to the price tag.

Even the headlights scream luxury!


The interior is incredibly luxurious, more resembling a nightclub than a car.


Features include ambient lighting, retractable widescreen television, a refrigerator (as well as a separate champagne fridge!), and a Playstation 4. Most of its features can be controlled via smartphone, including the air purifier and coffee machine.


The leather interiors can be customized based on the color preferences of the buyer.



The SUV is available in a four-door, four-seat version, and a six-door, six-seat version.


Less than ten are being produced, so if you are interested (and rich enough), you should probably reserve one as soon as you can!

Source: Karlmann King Website