Chinese Actress Tang Wei’s Adorable Interaction With Korean Actor Park Hae Il Goes Viral

“Tang Wei is my role model these days…”

A clip of actress Tang Wei is going viral in Korea.

Tang Wei | @tangwei_ld/Instagram

On June 14, a post titled “A Confounded Tang Wei” was uploaded to an online community and has since gained attention.

Post on online community. Tang Wei (left) and Park Hae Il (right) | Theqoo

In the post, a clip of a recent interview with Tang Wei and her co-star actor Park Hae Il for their movie Decision To Leave is shown.

Poster for “Decison To Leave” | Imdb

During the interview, the actors were asked a question to which Park Hae Il gestured for Tang Wei to answer first by putting up his hands as to motion, “After you.

Tang Wei, however, did not catch the cue and looked at the actor with a befuddled look before placing her hand on top of his.

Netizens stated that the adorable interaction reminded them of cheerleader Park Ki Ryang and her puppy in a now-famous clip that had previously gone viral.

  • 406. It reminds me of that cheerleader and her puppy LOL.
  • 407. They look so good together, like a real mature man and woman.
  • 408. Ah, so cute <3.
  • 409. Ah, Tang Wei is my role model these days… She’s so elegant.
  • 410. Ah, LOL, I want to know what happens next, LOL But Tang Wei’s side profile reminds me of Han Go Eun. I thought that was Han Go Eun.
  • 411. The two are so cute, LOL.

Tang Wei and Park Hae Il recently attended the 2022 Cannes Film Festival for their movie Decision To Leave. Decision To Leave is a thriller featuring Tang Wei, Park Hae Il, Lee Jung Hyun and Go Kyung Pyo.

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Decision To Leave was selected to compete for the highest accolade at the festival-the Palme  d’Or. Although the movie did not win the award, the director of the movie, Park Chan Wook, took home to award for Best Director.

Park Chan Wook | Korea Joongang Daily

Tang Wei is a world-renowned actress from China. She is famous for her roles in Lust, Caution, Finding Mr. Right, and Late Autumn. The actress’s illustrious career includes  accolades such as a Cannes Film Festival Award, a Baeksang Arts Award, and being nominated for a British Academy Film award.

Tony Leung (left) and Tang Wei (right) in “Lust, Caution” | Imdb

Koreans have received the actress with open arms after she married famed Korean director Kim Tae Yong in 2014. The two met while filming  Late Autumn and have a daughter together.

Tang Wei (left) and Kim Tae Yong (right) | The Korea Herald
Source: CJ ENM and Theqoo