Chinese ARMYs Support BTS’s Jimin Through TV Ad During Golden Disk Awards

Great job to all the fans that made this advertisement possible!

BTS Jimin’s China Fanbase JIMINBAR_CHINA prepared a TV Advertisement to support Jimin. The ad was played at the beginning, middle, and ending segments of the live broadcast of the 2020 Golden Disk Awards.




This 15 second advertisement will be played on both January 4 and 5 during the award show.



Fans showed their excitement and thanked the fanbase as they watched the advertisement on TV.

“I finally recorded the Jimin advertisement. Thank you to the fanbase for making such a great ad!”








Fans helped ARMYs with translations of the advertisement as well.





This is not the first time ARMYs have come together to create an ad for the members. During the 2019 KBS Song Festival, China fanbase JungkookCHINA aired a special advertisement for Jungkook to showcase all his achievements from the past year.




Who’s excited to see what other achievements BTS will make this year?