Chinese BLINKs Claim YG Entertainment Is Treating BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Unfairly

They say YG Entertainment is not doing her justice.

Recently, a Chinese fan posted onto her Weibo account the reasons why she thinks BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo is being mistreated by her company, YG Entertainment. Her post got more than 500 comments from fans who agreed, claiming that the company is not doing her justice.

The fan named six reasons as to why Jisoo is not being treated fairly. Firstly, she named that even though Jisoo is a lead vocalist, she usually has the least lines in their songs.

Secondly, in the “Don’t Know What To Do” dance practice video, Jisoo isn’t in the photo of the official promotional poster. Jisoo has also never been in the thumbnails for their music videos.

When the promotional posters for Adidas came out, Jisoo didn’t have an individual poster.

She also only appeared for 0.3 seconds in the Sprite promotional video, with no individual shots.

Lastly, the fans named that she was listed on “Business of Fashion 500” in 2019, but she never got any promotions for it.

Many agree that Jisoo is not being represented well by her company, with people pointing out that her popularity and beauty is enough reason for her to be promoted but YG Entertainment is not doing anything with it. Fans are enraged, with people saying that Jisoo deserves activities.

Source: Pann