Chinese Celebrity Fan Chengcheng Shares Photo With BLACKPINK’s Rosé And People Are In Love WIth The Visual Explosion

Two gorgeous people.

On November 7, 2019, Chinese rapper and singer Fan Chengcheng shared a photo of him alongside BLACKPINK‘s Rosé. It was photographed during Maison Valentino’s event in Beijing China.

He posted the photo onto his Instagram with a caption that reads,

Successfully met my idol.

The two are seen both in black, rocking Valentino. As they sit next to each other, they are both seen looking at the camera, leaving everyone shook with their gorgeous visuals. Comments in both English and Mandarin compliment the two’s visuals, with some K-Pop fans freaking out over the unexpected interaction.

Fan Chengcheng is the younger brother of superstar Fan Bingbing. He competed in Idol Producer, China’s version of Produce 101 and ranked #3, debuting with the group NINE PERCENT.

Rosé is known for being BLACKPINK’s main vocal. The group’s most recent release is “KILL THIS LOVE”, and her and her members have actively been promoting both in Korea and internationally.