Chinese Celebrity Xiao Zhan Goes Viral For Making An Instagram Account And Korean Netizens Go Crazy

His follower count won’t stop rising.

Chinese actor and singer Xiao Zhan is creating buzz and excitement among Korean fans for finally opening up an Instagram account after many years.

Xiao Zhan | Xiao Zhan Studio Weibo

A huge star in China and even voted the second most handsome man in the world in 2022, Xiao Zhan has many Korean fans who love him for his roles in the television series The Untamed with actor Wang Yibo and The Wolf.

Wang Yibo (left) and Xiao Zhan (right) on a poster for The Untamed | Tencent Pictures

He even has fan cafes in Korea making billboards for his birthday in Korean subway stations.

Xiao Zhan’s Korean fan cafe announcing subway billboard at Myeong-dong Station for his birthday | @xiaozhan_koreafancafe/Instagram

Because he only gave updates using Weibo, there were only fan accounts and fan cafe accounts on Instagram that Korean fans could follow for content—but no Instagram of his own. There have been accounts claiming to be him, but they were deemed fake because apparently, he had deleted his Instagram after it got hacked.

Craving to see content from him, Korean netizens have been asking for Xiao Zhan to please open up an Instagram account for a while now.

Xiao Zhan… Please do Instagram again… Aren’t these photos totally Instaworthy

— @luv__bjyx

Xiao Zhan… Do you ever think about… doing Instagram again
I’m just carefully suggesting it

— @ziandidi

Xiao Zhan please come back to Instagram

— @39twt

Finally, their wishes came true the morning of February 24 KST as Xiao Zhan created an Instagram account with an aesthetically blurry profile picture and a first post with a simple caption translated to, “Hi, I’m Xiao Zhan.”

News of his new Instagram account is spreading like wildfire on Twitter as a trending topic and on other popular platforms such as Naver, and his follower count is rising exponentially by the minute.

Xiao Zhan’s Instagram, a trending topic!!
He passed 100K followers within 6 hours!

— @clover_xz

Korean netizens are genuinely ecstatic about his return to Instagram, and it shows.

It must be my birthday… Is it real life that Xiao Zhan made an Instagram or am I dreaming? Hahahahha is it really a dream dream?

— namiyeah1

I rejoined Instagram after a hundred years just to follow Xiao Zhan on Instagram

— @Passerby1005

What the crazy Xiao Zhan made an Instagram again
My heart is moved so early in the morning


Source: Twitter and Instagram