Chinese Customs Blocks BTS Merch, Netizens Link Their New “BE Water” Promotion To Pro-Hong Kong Sentiment

Customs has blocked BTS merch.

Chinese netizens have attacked BTS again, this time for their new promotion of luxury water, BE Water, as they believe BTS are sharing their pro-Hong Kong views.

In one post on Weibo, China’s largest social media site, a netizen pointed out the connection between the name of BTS’s new water and the name of the movement Hong Kong independence fighters are using.

BTS used their new album “BE” as a concept and released bottled water, known as “Be Water”. However, “be water” is a slogan used by those who are fighting for Hong Kong’s independence. It’s difficult to not think about this, right? The leader of the fight for Hong Kong’s independence Joshua Wong has also recently tweeted in support of BTS.

— Weibo user

Several commenters expressed their shared disapproval for BTS’s connection to the Hong Kong independence movement, pointing out how it couldn’t simply be a coincidence.

  • This…given what happened before, it is really difficult to not think about (this connection).”
  • “Same as before, let’s not post about this dead group anymore.”
  • “An old group that’s totally finished.”
  • “Although this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re supportive of Hong Kong independence, don’t blame people for hating on them for something that is so closely related to the issue”

In addition, an unverified report by a fansite or group order account claimed that customs is no longer accepting BTS branded packaging for customs clearance, showing how serious the situation is in China right now.


The logistics company just made an announcement. Customs are no longer giving clearance to any products that are BTS-related. So we’re no longer accepting orders for merchandise and albums! We can’t order anything that has BTS on the packaging. Customs will not clear them.

— Weibo User

The user of the original post mentioned Joshua Wong, one of Hong Kong’s most vocal and famous activitsts who publicly expressed his support for BTS and claimed them as one of his leaders of freedom.