Chinese Fans Are Demanding An Apology from Label V— Here’s Why

Chinese WayZenNi want an apology for the disrespect.

Chinese WayZenNi (WayV fans) have expressed their anger at Label V for the disrespect shown to Chinese culture and Chinese fans in WayV’s Chinese New Year greeting on LYSN (a community app to connect with artists and other fans).

| @WayV_official/Twitter

WayV’s official Chinese New Year greeting on LYSN were in English, and not Chinese. As a Chinese sub-unit of Korean boy group NCT catered to the Chinese market, Chinese fans expected the greetings to be done in the native language.


Second, Chinese fans were upset at the use of the man bowing emoji 🙇‍♂️, as it is not a part of Chinese culture during Chinese New Year, but rather a feature of Korean culture. Lastly, Chinese fans expressed anger at the use of “Lunar New Year” instead of “Chinese New Year,” as it felt like Label V was not respecting the origins of the holiday.

Email template circulating social media | @yangyanghug/Twitter

However amidst the rumors and misunderstandings of the situation among fans, Chinese fans want to clarify that they are not directing their anger at WayV, but Label V who is responsible for the group. Chinese fans worry that WayV may receive backlash or hate from other Chinese Pop artist’s fans and do not want the group to shoulder the blame. In addition, they made clear that they are not asking WayV to move back to China, but for Label V to apologize for the disrespect they were shown.

| Label V

They have stated that until Label V issues a statement of apology, Chinese fans will boycott WayV activities and not attend any of their performances in China.