Chinese Group TVBOYS Plagiarizes VIXX’s Entire Performance

One VIXX fan has expressed her anger at Chinese project group TVBOYS for plagiarizing VIXX’s Heroes of the Remix performance.

On February 2, one VIXX fan uploaded a side-by-side comparison video of VIXX’s performance aired on Chinese television show, “Heroes of the Remix” in July 2016, with a performance by Chinese group TVBOYS on a 2017 New Years Special program on QTV-1.

VIXX performed a remix of Lee Jung Hyun‘s “Wa” and “Bakkwo” and incorporated Chinese martial arts into the choreography, as well as Asian drums, fans, and silk fabrics in an elaborate and detailed stage reminiscent of a musical.

In TVBOYS’s performance, the beginning is identical to that of VIXX’s, where one member performs the exact same choreography. The choreography as well as the distribution of the song into rap and vocals seemed to be also identical.

Although TVBOYS isn’t a real idol group but a project group consisting of news announcers who came together for a special performance, Korean fans of VIXX are outraged and demanding some sort of feedback on this matter.

Watch the performance below and let us know what you think. Did TVBOYS plagiarize VIXX’s remix performance?

Source: Dispatch