Chinese Man Bit An iPhone Battery And It Exploded In His Face

The CCTV caught the whole thing on camera.

An unlucky Chinese man bit into an iPhone battery and it exploded in an electronics store in China.

According to reports made by “Taiwan News”, the man came to the electronics store to replace his iPhone battery.

The staff member handed the man a new replacement battery, but the man decided to test to the authenticity of the batter by biting into it.

But as soon as he bit the battery, it literally blew up in his faces.

CCTV footage caught the incident on camera as a clear explosion occurred, followed by smokes from the wreckage.

Thankfully, the man wasn’t seriously injured according to reports. Although the explosion happened right near his face, it was luckily small enough to not cause farther damage or additional casualties.

No fires were started from the explosion as well.

Watch the full accident below:

Source: Insight