Chinese Media Leaks Phone Calls Between EXO Sasaeng And Former Members Kris And Tao

Here’s what they said.

A series of phone calls made by sasaengs to former EXO member Kris and Tao was revealed on Chinese media earlier this week.

The sasaengs were able to not only contact Kris and Tao, but also Lay, but only phone calls with Kris and Tao were revealed.

In the first series of conversations, the sasaengs were curious about what Tao (Huang Zitao, HZT) was doing, and tried to also get in contact with Kris (Wu Yifan, WYF).

HZT: Hi, hello
Sasaeng: Hi, is this Huang Zitao?
HZT: Uh, yes
Sasaeng: You’re not sleeping yet?
HZT: Not yet
Sasaeng: Are you alone in your room?
Sasaeng: Who else is there?
HZT: Kris
Sasaeng: Get Kris on the line
HZT: Sure

Hoping to speak with Kris, she spoke again, but it was Tao on the line still.

Sasaeng: Is this Wu Yifan?
HZT: Hi?
Sasaeng: Hello, is this Wu Yifan?
HZT: I’m not
Sasaeng: What? Then, can we speak to Wu Yifan?
HZT: Sure
Sasaeng: Thank you

After once again trying to get Kris to answer the phone, he did, and spoke with the sasaengs about Starbucks, of all things.

Sasaeng: Is this Wu Yifan?
Sasaeng: Hi
Sasaeng: Hi
WYF: Hello
Sasaeng: Is this Wu Yifan?
WYF: Yes
Sasaeng: Wu Yifan we want to ask you something…so we want to treat you to Starbucks coffee…there’s a security guard at your door, isn’t there? Can we buy it and then have him bring it up to you?
WYF: You can try…if it’s possible then you can give it to me…but I don’t know how you can give it to me either because I’m not familiar with how things work around here
Sasaeng: Hmm…OK. Because it’s a small token of noonas’ appreciation for you…
WYF: But we…I…it’s really troublesome to accept gifts now you know, and the company is really strict, so…
WYF: Wait, wait

After this, Kris and Tao discusses something in private, that was not recorded on the phone call. When returning to the phone, the sasaeng asked about Lay, but because Lay was not with them, couldn’t speak with them.

Sasaeng: Hi
Sasaeng: Wu Yifan!
WYF: Yes
Sasaeng: So…what’s Zhang Yixing doing now?
WYF: I don’t know either
Sasaeng: Is he in the room?
WYF: Should be
Sasaeng: Then how come he’s not picking up his phone? Every time he picks up, he’s always like, “Yo!” Every time, it’s “Yo!” Speaking English…
WYF: Oh really? I don’t know…because I’m not with him
Sasaeng: Then you guys should go to rest soon
Sasaeng: Don’t practice until late
WYF: Yes, yes
Sasaeng: Not going to bother you guys now
Sasaeng: Happy new year
WYF: Happy new year

The conversation between the sasaengs was surprising to many Chinese netizens and media outlets for how calm and tame they were, with little screaming or hardcore fangirling.


Source: E Today