[★TRENDING] Chinese media Sina criticizes EXO for being rude to Andy Lau at “2014 MAMA”

Chinese media outlet Sina has criticized EXO for being rude to Andy Lau at 2014 MAMA (Mnet Asia Music Award), which took place in Hong Kong, on December 3rd.

According to Sina, EXO did not show good manners towards Andy Lau who presented the “Artist of the Year” award to the group. Sina uploaded a photo with the caption, “Andy Lau was invited to present an award to Korean group EXO. When Andy Lau used both hands to present the award to EXO, the member from EXO not only took the award using one hand, but also did not make direct eye contact with Andy Lau.

At first, the Chinese netizens’ comments include, “EXO members were rude in front of their super senior,” “EXO made their debut only yesterday, but they were rude probably due to their popularity,” “Just by looking at this one incident, we can assume so much about them,” and other similar negative reactions.

But soon after, Chinese netizens criticized the Chinese news media for releasing unreasonable photos. The comments included, “We saw the clip of the incident and we see nothing rude about what EXO did,” “That photo is an evil plot to entrap EXO,” and “Andy Lau probably did not even speak about EXO being rude so stop with the false accusations.

EXO received four awards at 2014 MAMA, including “Best Asian Style,” “Best Male Group,” “Artist of the Year,” and “Album of the Year.”

The alleged incident can be seen at the 7:45 mark in the video below.


Source: Newsen and Sina