Chinese Media Claims Song Joong Ki And Song Hye Kyo Divorced

They found alleged “proof”.

A Chinese media press falsely spread rumors that Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo divorced.

song hye kyo wedding ring
Excerpt from the Chinese press claiming Song Song couple’s alleged divorce.


The article claimed that it found proof when Song Hye Kyo recently appeared at the airport without her wedding ring. Although the photos proved that she didn’t have her ring on at the time, it’s hard to call it proof that their marriage is considered over!

song hye kyo song joong ki china divorce 1

The media also claimed that “Song Hye Kyo recently deleted all photos of Song Joong Ki from her Instagram.

song hye kyo song joong ki divorce china 3


But once again, their alleged proof was shut down when fans found photos of Song Joong Ki alive and well on her Instagram page.

Korean news reports believe that Chinese press and netizens are trying to spread false rumors about the happy couple, but the two are very much tied in love as Park Bo Gum recently gave an update about Song Joong Ki’s reaction to their latest dramaEncounter.

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Source: xports news
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