Chinese netizens attack Taeyeon for uploading photo on Instagram

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon has disabled her Instagram comments after being attacked by Chinese netizens.

K-Pop idols are being attacked by Chinese netizens for supporting Korean brands in wake of a massive political standoff. SM Entertainment‘s Siwon and Taeyeon have both become victims with their Instagram accounts flooded with hate.

Netizens began attacking Taeyeon after uploading a Lotte brand candy to her Instagram Story. She was forced to close comments on her account due to the controversy.

Lotte Candy Malang Cow is as popular as Tootsie Rolls in the U.S. Taeyeon’s caption reads, “hey you ! why are you so tasty today.. i’m going to end up eating all of it at this rate.”

Chinese netizens are claiming that these posts are a ploy by SM Entertainment to support South Korea and Lotte. This is an extremely sensitive issue for both countries and also involved the U.S.

Chinese Media are also sharing photos that have been edited and further spreading animosity towards the SM Entertainment artists. In one article, a photo is used showing Taeyeon holding both the South Korean and Chinese flag along with the Lotte candy image.

This photo was used in a Chinese article and was captioned, “Taeyeon posted Lotte candy”. The article title reads, “Kim Taeyeon shows off Lotte Candy; Choi Siwon liked Lotte-related [photo], causing controversy once again.”