Chinese Paparazzi Continues To Spread Rumors, This Time About Kris

After spreading malicious and totally unsupported rumors about former EXO member Luhan, Kris has now become the target of Chinese paparazzi figure Zhou Wei.

Following a pay-per-view style question and answer session that sparked numerous false rumors about Chinese stars, Chinese paparazzi Zhou Wei has made more outrageous claims involving other former EXO member Kris.

The same man had previously targeting Luhan and claiming he had a girlfriend and children, Luhan’s manager released a statement claiming his accusations were false.

This time, his fact-less and rumor based story claimed Kris has bad mouthed EXO members previously, however, no evidence of the incident has been provided.

“L is a pig-head (chinese slang for stupid), Z is sly/cunning, H is really bad at singing.”
– Zhou Wei

However, he gave no direct names and did not provide any evidence that the conversation took place. No statement has been made by Kris or his management, however

No statement has been made by Kris or his management regarding the rumor, but give the history of this paparazzi’s rumors, fans are less than convinced.

Source: TV Report