Chinese Program Accused Of Copying THE BOYZ 2020 MAMA Performance

Fans have seen distinct similarities between the performances!

On an episode of the Chinese show Shine! Super Brothers on February 27, the program aired a performance with a royal concept.

A post named “A Chinese program’s performance that plagiarized THE BOYZ’s MAMA performance stage” later shared photos from the program on an online community. In the forum, the user claimed that the performance looked very similar to one done by THE BOYZ at the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

The first similarity seen was through the use of the chariots, which THE BOYZ used during their performance last December.

The post also noted the similarities when the group crossed swords used in the performance.

THE BOYZ have used this crossed sword motif on several occasions, excluding the performance at the 2020 MAMA. It can be seen during one of their performances on Road to Kingdom in early 2020.

After reading the post, fans took to social media to voice their anger at the imitation!

Although the video was released last month, it is only just gaining attention from netizens worldwide.

Source: TheQoo