Clip Of Cho Eun Jung Interviewing So Ji Sub Resurfaces Following News Of Their Relationship

This may be the moment they fell in love with each other.

It was recently announced that actor So Ji Sub was in a relationship with announcer Cho Eun Jung.

Dispatch revealed the news along with photos from one of their coffee dates.


The couple is said to have met for the first time in February 2018 during an interview with Access Showbiz Tonight for So Ji Sub and Son Ye Jin‘s film, Be With You.


On this day, Cho Eun Jung, who had a year’s worth of experience as a reporter, smoothly led the interview of these two actors.


She asked So Ji Sub the question, “Among good-looking, well-mannered and skilled acting, which would you choose?” to which he chose “skilled acting.”


He then explained that while people have called him “good-looking” recently, this was not the case when he first debuted. Cho Eun Jung showed her genuine disbelief in her expression after hearing this statement.


Meanwhile, So Ji Sub’s agency stated that they met each other through a gathering of acquaintances after their encounter on Access Showbiz Tonight and developed their relationship since.

They met for the first time during the Showbiz interview and met with other acquaintances thereafter before they began dating.

ㅡ So Ji Sub’s agency


Check out the moment that sparked So Ji Sub and Cho Eun Jung’s relationship below!