Cho Hee Ok, the oldest person to attempt Korea’s university entrance exams

As this year’s university entrance exams come to a close, student Cho Hee Ok has drawn attention from all over the country as the oldest person to attempt the exams, at the ripe old age of 81.

In an interview by KBS, Ms. Cho shared that she had always dreamed of being a traditional wear designer, but when her older brother was forced to enlist in the army during the World War II Japanese invasion, she was forced to leave school. She was the sole supporter of her family and was forced to work at a sewing factory in order to help her family survive.

Keeping her dream deep inside her heart, in 2011, Ms. Cho took action towards fulfilling her dream and formally began attending Ilsung Women’s Middle School.

When she was asked about her passion in pursuing her academics, she said, “A person that does not learn, walks a road encompassed in darkness. You must keep studying until you die and happiness is all dependent on your mindset.”

Source: TV Report