Top Actress Reveals The Extreme Lifestyle She Leads To Maintain Her Famous Body Figure

No ordinary person can live this kind of lifestyle.

Actress Cho Yeo Jung has always been known for her beauty well before her recent box-office-hit “Parasite”.

cho yeo jung diet 3

In a recent interview, she revealed the extreme lifestyle she lives in order to maintain her beauty. She shockingly revealed that she’s constantly on a diet except for maybe 5 days in a year.

I think I diet about 360 days out of the 365 days in a year.

— Cho Yeo Jung

She confessed that many people are shocked by her lifestyle and curious as to why she chooses to restrict her diet so often.

cho yeo jung diet

She explained that she was inspired by a movie character that motivated her to live a thankful life towards her parents for giving birth to her with natural beauty.

People frequently ask me why I live such an extreme lifestyle. But there was a beautiful female character in a movie and she says, ‘Do you know how rare it is to be born this beautiful?’ I thought that line was amazing.

It made me think that my parents gave birth to me with this beauty so I should work hard to maintain it.

— Cho Yeo Jung

And thanks to her parents indeed! Cho Yeo Jung was blessed with stunning genes that naturally gave her a body figure to die for as well as beautiful facial features!

cho yeo jung diet 2

Check out her shy-yet-lovely interview below:

Source: TV Report
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