Choi Byungchan Cries As He Talks About VICTON’s Past Struggles

He also thanked the fans.

On January 5, 2019, VICTON had their first-ever solo concert. There, Choi Byungchan got emotional as he talked about the group’s past struggles.

During his ending comment, the idol started talking about the period in which VICTON was unsure of their future. Back then, they were considered an unknown group, and they were on the verge of disbandment. Members Choi Byungchoon and Han Seungwoo then decided to participate in Mnet’s Produce X 101 in a last attempt to give their group attention, and it worked. The group is now well-known and loved both domestically and worldwide.

He describes wanting to give up and run away, but he was unable to because of the people around him whom he loved. He was waiting for the group to have a comeback, but the longer he had to wait, the harder it became.

I really wanted to give up and run away, but I felt so sorry. But… It was so hard. It was so hard that I wanted to run away but I couldn’t because of the members, my family, the fans. I just couldn’t. I was just waiting and waiting for us to have a comeback, it was so hard waiting during that period.

He then goes on to thank the fans for supporting them now and for helping them have their first-ever solo concerts. Byungchan asks the fans to continue supporting him and the group so that they could greet the fans as an even brighter VICTON.

I wanted to be good, and I wanted to see the light. Thank you for helping us complete the stage. Thank you for helping us achieve our first solo concert. Please love me and VICTON a lot, we will be a bigger and brighter VICTON in the future. Thank you.

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Source: Pann