Choi Jin Hyuk transforms into vampire for upcoming Japanese film role

Many Korean actors and actresses take their global activities all around. Some favor China or even Hollywood, but as for Choi Jin Hyuk, Japan was his choice.

Movies and dramas containing vampires have been a popular topic for some time in certain parts of the world, and Japan is no exception. Actor Choi Jin Hyuk will be taking up a role as a vampire in an upcoming Japanese movie.

Red Brick House, Choi Jin Hyuk’s agency, has announced his involvement in the Japanese movie Love Vampire, which is set to be released in April 2015.

Love Vampire tells the story of a female vampire who lives her life as a human, who comes to terms with her childhood friend. Choi Jin Hyuk takes the role of the vampire Mike.

The movie itself features many actors of different nationalities, including Japan’s Kiritani Mirei and Totsuka Shota as the leads, Hong Kong’s Ekin Cheng, and Taiwan’s Summer Meng. The Korean agency stated that this movie is truly a global project, and Choi Jin Hyuk is glad to take part in it.

The first offer came to Choi Jin Hyuk in June 2014. At the time, Choi Jin Hyuk flew to Japan and decided to take part in the project along with other stars from Asia,” stated Red Brick House.

Choi Jin Hyuk also mentioned, “I remembered the drama ‘Gu Family Book’ when I received the script. Things such as transformations and supernatural powers reminded me of the drama a lot. In fact, I figured I wouldn’t have problems acting as a vampire since I’ve acted such roles in ‘Gu Family Book.’ But, I do hope I can show a new side of my acting through this new role.”

Source: Yunhap News