Choi Jonghoon Has Arrived For Questioning In Connection With Seungri’s Scandal

He has arrived for questioning by police.

Choi Jong Hoon who was a member of FT Island before this scandal broke, has been called back into the Seoul Metropolitan Police station for questioning.

Many suspected Jonghoon was involved in one of the chat rooms as information continued to be released and despite FNC Entertainment claiming that his only connection to Jong Joon Young was friendship, it was eventually revealed that he was a member of one of the chatrooms.

Jonghoon had been caught by police for drunk driving at a sobriety checkpoint in Itaewon previously but due to alleged collusion he was released and the matter was covered up. He spoke about this incident in the chatroom and the other members were aware of it and commented on the matter, Jung Joon Young told the guitarist that he “could have ended up on the front of the newspaper” had the matter not been buried.

FTISLAND’s Choi Jonghoon Was Caught Drunk Driving 3 Years Ago, Asked Police To Cover It Up

Following this news he left FT Island and made the decision to retire from the K-Pop industry. He has now reported to police for questioning. He has promised to be sincere during the investigations.

Source: TenAsia

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