Choi Jonghoon’s Recent New Year’s Resolution Acknowledged His Sins

“I’ve committed way too many sins…”

In light of FTISLAND Choi Jonghoon‘s scandal surrounding his DUI case from 3 years ago and Seungri‘s chatroom, a statement he made back at the beginning of January has resurfaced.

Among Choi Jonghoon many past activities that fans have been skimming through during this recent scandal, what appears to have been a New Year’s resolution is receiving particular attention.

On January 3, Choi Jonghoon posted a photo of himself posing in front of the sunset along with the caption, “I’ve committed way too many sins. I’d better get my act together this year…

Although he didn’t specify what those sins were, what’s certain is that he was aware that he was committing them and wanted to change.

But just 3 months later, Choi Jonghoon has become a part of Seungri’s chatroom scandal, and he’s being suspected of police collusion in his DUI incident 3 years ago, which ultimately led to him leaving FTISLAND and retiring from the entertainment industry.

Source: Insight

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