Choi Jonghoon Receives Additional 1 Year 6 Months To His Prison Time, Says He’s “Relieved” By His Punishment

He confessed to rape and filming illegal sexcams.

Choi Jonghoon, former member of FT ISLAND, was given an additional 1 year and 6 months prison sentencing during his recent trial. He was first sentenced to 5 years for sexual assault and has now received additional time for filming illegal sexcams.

In addition to his prison time, Choi Jonghoon is required to notify his crimes to the public, complete a sexual violence treatment program, and is not allowed employment in institutions related to children and adolescents for the next 5 years.

Choi Jonghoon pled guilty of the charges except for accusations of bribery. During the appeal case, he claimed to feel “relieved” that he’s finally getting punished for his “immature” actions that he’s lived with guilt for over 4 years.

4 years have passed since the incident and I had lived with the guilt that I couldn’t wash away. I bow my head in deep regret over my immature actions that I didn’t realize were crimes at the time.

I’m relieved that I’m getting punished for it now.

— Choi Jonghoon

He reportedly shed tears while he emphasized that he will no longer return to work as a celebrity but vowed to help society once he returns. He asked for leniency on his sentencing.

When I return to society, I won’t return as a celebrity but a regular citizen who helps society.

Please understand that I’m sincerely reflecting on my actions and have leniency.

— Choi Jonghoon

Back in 2016, Choi Jonghoon illegally filmed and shot photos of his victim and shared it to the infamous Jung Joon Young’s chatroom. He also went on trips to various parts of Korea with the members of the chatrooms to group rape women after getting them drunk. He was also accused of trying to bribe a policeman after getting caught drunk driving.

Meanwhile, Choi Jonghoon’s court trial will be held on March 27.

Source: eNews 24