Netizens Furious At Choi Jonghoon For Actively Engaging In Social Media During Police Investigations

“He has no sense of guilt whatsoever.”

Former FTISLAND member Choi Jonghoon is under fire for actively engaging in social media during his ongoing investigations on charges of circulation of illegal videos.

On February 17, Choi Jonghoon “liked” an Instagram post that shared a photo of himself reporting to the police. On the same day, he also “liked” another new post from an account that he was following.


At 10 am (KST) on March 16, Choi Jonghoon reported to the police station as a suspect and was investigated over a 21-hour period. He completed the investigation at 6:45 am on March 17 and reportedly denied all accusations.

On the day he completed his investigation, however, he actively engaged in social media and netizens simply could not understand his attitude. Despite the fact that he has stepped down from being a member of FTISLAND, retired from the entertainment industry and furthermore, stated that he would spend time on self-reflecting, actively engaging in social media immediately after his investigation did not make it seem like he was regretting his actions.


After seeing his social media activities, netizens were furious at his insincere attitude, doubting that he was truly reflecting upon himself.

  • “Unbelievable. Lol.”
  • “He has no sense of guilt whatsoever.”
  • “He has narcissistic personality disorder so he doesn’t know what guilt is.”
  • “He’s rotten from the inside out. He must’ve been rotten since he was in his mother’s womb.”
  • “I really didn’t think of him this way…but it looks like he’s missing some common sense in him.”
  • “It’s because he’s an attention seeker.”
  • “He’s seriously an idiot.”
  • “I’m at a loss for words.”
  • “When will he ever get this much attention. He should enjoy it while it lasts.”
Source: Herald Pop

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