Daughter Of Legendary Actress Release Shocking Videos Of Her Grandmother Cursing And Physically Threatening Her

The influencer has long alleged that she was abused by her grandmother.

The late Choi Jin Sil‘s daughter Choi Jun Hee uploaded shocking videos of her grandmother.

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On July 12, Choi Jun Hee uploaded several videos to her Instagram story. In the first video, the grandmother is seen asking the police if they knew who she was.

I was really shocked to hear my grandmother, even in a situation like this, ask the police if they knew her.

— Choi Jun Hee

In other videos, her grandmother is seen cursing and threatening to hit her.

This is what I mean when I say my grandmother has two faces. I endured this for 19 years and was raised around this.

— Choi Jun Hee

In another story, the influencer disproves her grandmother’s previous assertions that her granddaughter had come to the apartment with her boyfriend to kick her out. Instead, the influencer writes that she had come face to face with her grandmother inside her house alone. However, when her grandmother started cursing at her, it was then that she asked her boyfriend and the police to come mediate.

Her claims that I arrived to my brother’s empty house with my boyfriend is a lie. I only called him and the police because I didn’t think I could endure my grandmother’s cursing alone.

— Choi Jun Hee

The videos follow news articles stating that Choi Jun Hee had reported her grandmother to police. At the time, the grandmother stated that her grandson (Choi Jun Hee’s brother) had asked her to come to the residence to take care of his pet, but that Choi Jun Hee arrived with her boyfriend to kick her out.

Daughter Of Legendary Actress Reports Her Grandmother To Police

Choi Jun Hee would later deny her grandmother’s assertion in a letter listing the abuses that she had faced at the hands of her grandmother.

When I was a minor, my grandmother constantly cursed at me and physically abused me. I still haven’t gotten over those scars. Although my grandmother remembers me as a child who didn’t listen, whenever we would get into an argument, she would tell me that my birth was a mistake and cursed at me using words I can’t repeat. I lived with a guardian who stood on a pile of lies.

When I was suffering from Lupus, my grandmother cursed at me and abused me. Due to the pain, I kicked her off me, and my grandmother called the police, which led me to being investigated at a young age. Despite revealing the truth, the adults didn’t listen to me.

— Choi Jun Hee

This isn’t the first time Choi Jun Hee alleged she was abused by her grandmother. In 2017, when she was a minor, she had reported the abuse to the police, but according to the influencer, the police did not believe her.

Choi Jun Hee revealed texts her grandmother sent to her brother dated 2017, around the time when Choi Jun Hee reported her grandmother’s abuse to police | @1_6_9._9/Instagram

Hwan Hee (Choi Jun Hee’s brother), if the police call, tell him that something like that never happened. If you say something wrong, I can (be in trouble). You have to tell the police that I treated Jun Hee well. Don’t hesitate when you talk to them.

— Choi Jun Hee’s grandmother

Meanwhile, Choi Jun Hee is the daughter of Choi Jin Sil, who was once dubbed the “Nation’s Actor.” Despite being beloved, the actor passed away in 2008 after being engulfed in a controversy surrounding the death of another actor. Choi Jun Hee and her brother were raised by their maternal grandmother after their estranged father also passed away not long after her mother.

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