Super Junior Member Slams SM Entertainment In Now-Deleted Tweet

“He’s talking facts…”

Super Junior‘s Choi Siwon dissed SM Entertainment in a now-deleted tweet.

Choi Siwon

On February 22, Choi Siwon uploaded a tweet in which he criticized SM Entertainment after their SMTOWN concert. The concert, which was livestreamed, faced many criticisms for its poor camera work.


SMTOWN concert. (SM Entertainment) needs to improve how they convert camera footage to video immediately.

— Choi Siwon

The Super Junior member’s tweet didn’t stay up for long as the idol quickly deleted it soon after. Despite deleting the tweet, Choi Siwon’s complaints went viral, with many netizens agreeing.

Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 5.20.32 PM

  • The camera work was a mess, and they wouldn’t film the person singing. Some members couldn’t get on camera, while others were constantly shown. Not sure if they even had rehearsals, but it wasn’t worth the money.
  • He’s talking facts.
  • It was seriously bad.
  • Facts.
  • Why were they filming the top of people’s heads?
  • The camera work at Japanese concerts was pretty good, but it was so bad that people were wondering if they used their Korean staff.
  • Japanese concerts are usually filmed a lot better than Korean concerts, but yesterday was as if it was a Korean concert.

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment held their SMTOWN concert in Tokyo, Japan, on February 21-22. During the concert, the label’s marquee artists, including Red Velvet, Super Junior, and RIIZE, thrilled fans with their performances.

Source: theqoo
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