Choi Soon Sil, The Woman Responsible For South Korea’s Presidential Scandal, Asks For Death

Choi Soon Sil, who was accused of receiving a bribe from the NIS during Park Geun Hye’s presidency, raged in court asking for death.

Choi Soon Sil had been continuously postponing her trail due to health issues, but when she was finally well enough to be summoned to court, she demanded the death penalty.

“Please kill me. There is no reason to live! I feel so frustrated and misunderstood! I’d rather die than go through this! Kill me!!”

Choi Soon Sil

The court proceedings were paused in an attempt to calm Choi Soon Sil because of the disorder she was causing in the courthouse.

Her lawyer asked Choi Soon Sil to be pardoned due to health concerns and continued on without her presence.

While she was kept in the waiting room, her raging cries could still be heard even in the courtroom.

Choi Soon Sil’s rage could not be abated, however, and the trial was put on hold until December 7, pending the stabilization of Choi Soon Sil’s mental state.

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