Siblings Choi Yena And Choi Sung Min Show Just How Close They Are On “DNA Mate”

The celebrity siblings are super cute together!

On August 16, 2022, Choi Yena showcased her relationship with her older brother Choi Seungmin on the MBC show DNA Mate.

Choi Sung Min and Choi Yena

During the show, Yena showed her older brother the choreography for her latest single, “SMARTPHONE.”

Once she showed him her choreography, he immediately gave her pointers on how to make the choreography better.

It’s a smartphone, right? The shape you’re making is really big. Try making it the size of a smartphone.

—Choi Sung Min

After taking her older brother’s advice, Yena made the revisions, and the hosts of the show all agreed on how much better the choreography looked after Sung Min’s critique!

Sung Min even changed the point choreography for the title track, helping Yena create eye-catching facial expressions, which made her point choreography even better!

Yena even showcased her older brother’s advice on music broadcasts!

Choi Sung Min debuted in 2010 in the group Coed School and participated in the male unit of Coed School, SPEED.

SPEED at Arirang Sound K | Arirang Radio K-Pop/YouTube

After SPEED disbanded in 2015, Sungmin began his transition to acting.

Seeing how Yena goes to her older brother for advice goes to show just how close the celebrity sibling pair are!