Choi Yena’s Main Reason For Not Dating Is Something Any “Only Daughter In The Family” Can Relate To

Yena is her family’s precious treasure.

Choi Yena was the sixth guest on Lee Young Ji‘s My Alcohol Diary, and like always, the episode was full of loud laughter and sweet reflections. Although this was the first time Yena and Young Ji had met, the two immediately clicked thanks to their similar personalities (they’re both ENFPs).

No Young Ji interview on My Alcohol Diary goes without Young Ji asking a question that can cause chaos, and this time, she asked Yena whether she was dating. Yena’s quick retort caused Young Ji to burst into laughter.

Yena (red) and Young Ji (white) | 차린건 쥐뿔도 없지만/YouTube

While it’s commonly known to K-Pop fans that honestly speaking about dating is a taboo on broadcast (though those restrictions have been loosening), Yena has another reason for why she’s single. Yena revealed that she doesn’t know much about dating due to her family’s protectiveness.

When Yena was in kindergarten, her parents saw a picture of her kissing a boy and exploded, wondering who the little boy was. While such a response might seem overbearing if Yena was at the age she is now, at that time, she was very young, and it’s adorable to know that her parents were so protective of her. But thanks to their passionate response lingering in Yena’s mind, she’s still sensitive about getting into a relationship.

차린건 쥐뿔도 없지만/YouTube

It doesn’t help that she also has an older brother who dotes on her. With three protective family members watching her every move (especially now that she’s moved back in with her brother), dating is a scary bridge Yena doesn’t want to cross just yet.

Still, she has to get there eventually, and when Yena asked Young Ji what age she thought would be a good time to start dating, Young Ji jokingly suggested 60. Also, instead of revealing her relationship, Yena should get caught while walking with her significant other in the streets.

The two then started having fun and immersed themselves in the scenario. Yena should deliberately call the news reporters and then pose while walking as if it’s all unplanned.

To up the realism, Yena and Young Ji reenacted the scene after Yena put on sunglasses. With the fake headline, “First date in 60 years,” inserted at the bottom by the editors, this scene is another legendary meme to come out of My Alcohol Diary.