Sulli openly gives her loving support to Dynamic Duo’s comeback on her Instagram

Choiza and Sulli publicly express their support for each other in a series of replies on Instagram following Dynamic Duo’s comeback release. 

The relay of messages started on November 17th when Sulli openly posted an update saying “A song that made me tear up as soon as I heard it. It’s finally out…!,” along with a screenshot of Dynamic Duo’s “When Winter Comes.”

As a reply to her public post, Choiza talked about the post during their press conference alter that day and expressed his gratitude for his girlfriend. He further revealed that, “Prior the album release, I played it for the people I am close with, but Sulli particularly liked that song,” and although the song is the type that does not stand out in the album, he remained glad that the track was pushed to the spotlight.

Hearing about what Choiza said about the post, Sulli added another message saying that as the song was played for her then, it made her feel comfortable and at ease and revealed that it was so good she uploaded the post as a fan.

Source: Dispatch and The Fact