Choiza surprised by crowds chanting Sulli’s name

Dynamic Duo‘s Choiza was surprised during his performance when the crowds started chanting f(x) Sulli‘s name.

On May 23rd (KST), Dynamic Duo decorated the last stage for ‘Green Plugged Seoul 2015’ concert at Hangang Park in Seoul. As Choiza commented, “Today female audience members are really pretty. The gentlemen are cool too,” the crowds started chanting Choiza’s girlfriend Sulli’s name.

Reportedly, he was very surprised by crowd’s humorous joke and the duo’s counterpart Gaeko supported the audience, “It’s difficult for the crowds to come together as one voice and chant someone else’s girlfriend’s name.”

Following, Gaeko continued to use Sulli’s joke when he remarked, “Sing along your parts, gents and Sulli… oops, that was a slip of the tongue,” while he intended to say, “Sing along your parts, gents and ladies.”

Meanwhile, Choiza and Sulli have been spotted dating multiple times since 2013. Over continuous denials yet numerous dating rumours, the two finally confirmed their relationship on August 5th in 2014.

Source: styleM